Fire Science

Fire Science

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* An Associate of Science degree is considered a terminal degree. The decision on course transferability rests with the receiving institution.

NYUS’s Associate of Science degree in Fire Science provides instruction in fire prevention methods, fire detection systems, fire codes, fire investigation rescue, safety and salvage procedures, hazardous materials, pump operations, fire behavior, plans reading and extinguishment. This program assists in qualifying firefighters for management positions with the Fire Service.

Program Objectives

The following objectives are designed to meet NYUS’s mission and its objectives:

  • To provide students with an understanding of crisis management, fire suppression and extinguishment methods.
  • To prepare students to conduct a proper fire scene investigation.
  • To prepare students for employment with the Fire Service, including management positions.
  • To develop students’ abilities to perform community service for protection of life and property.

Prerequisites for Major Courses

Certified firefighter with documented evidence of FFP 1000, Introduction to Fire Science or comparable coursework / experience.

Program Outline

To receive an Associate of Science degree in Fire Science, students must earn 60.0 credit hours. Program requirements are as follows:

Fire Science Major Courses ( 60.0 credit hours total )
Fire Prevention Practices 3.0 credit hours
Codes and Standards 3.0 credit hours
Private Fire Protection Systems I 3.0 credit hours
Fire Service: Course Delivery 3.0 credit hours
Firefighting Tactics and Strategy I 3.0 credit hours
Building Construction for the Fire Service 3.0 credit hours
Blueprint Reading and Plans Review 3.0 credit hours
Fire Investigation: Cause and Origin 3.0 credit hours
Company Officer 3.0 credit hours
Fire Service Course Design 3.0 credit hours
Fire Department Administration 3.0 credit hours
Firefighting Tactics and Strategy II 3.0 credit hours

General Education Courses ( 24.0 credit hours )

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* An Associate of Science Degree is considered a terminal degree and is not transferable.

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