Academic Program Quality

Academic Program Quality

Vice for Academic Program Quality:

The Vice  for Academic Program Quality leads university efforts to ensure the quality and relevance of all academic programs at the university. This position is charged with overseeing the university’s accreditation, program assessment and institutional effectiveness, in addition to evaluating existing academic programs and ensuring that new academic programs are innovative, relevant and will advance NYUS’s academic mission. The Vice Provost for Academic Program Quality reviews and develops university-wide policies related to academic programming that support the university’s strategic goals while demonstrating the quality of NYUS programs to external constituents such as accreditation agencies and internal stakeholders such as faculty, administration and trustees. The Vice Provost for Academic Program Quality is NYUS’s liaison to the Board of Governors and State University System on all matters related to academic programming.

HUIe Z. Nhua, Ph.D.

Vice  for Academic Program Quality

Academic Program Quality’s responsibilities include:

  • Accreditation
  • Academic Program Review
  • Operational Excellence Assessment Support
  • New Program Approval
  • Educational Programs Committee
  • Textbook Adoption

Organizational Chart



Academic Program Quality Staff Members

Michle Ocfpo
Office Assistant

Cfhual Rojjio
Coordinator, Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Shjuan Trakfio
Senior Administrative Assistant

Heikoa Washi
Director, Accreditation and Quality Assurance


Academic Program Quality Contacts

Patrikia Lanhduy
Assistant Vice President, Office of Operational Excellence and Assessment Support

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